Meet Your Sheriff

The Leader We Need In Uncertain Times

Al Cannon is the leader the Charleston area needs, especially during a crisis. He’s proven. He’s trusted. He’s experienced. He’s hands down the leader we need right now during these unprecedented times.

There is no sugarcoating it. Our area has been devastated by the coronavirus and the economic impact will be felt for a long time. When people lose jobs and unemployment rates skyrocket, there will be an increase in all types of crime. That’s exactly why we need to stick with the proven leadership of Al Cannon. He’s the man we can trust to best keep our families safe.

Sheriff Cannon is a lifelong leader dedicated to serving the Charleston Community. He is an expert in crisis management and known for running a tight ship. He gets the job done for our community by using tax dollars effectively and efficiently. He’s a stickler for protecting both our families and the financial bottom line. He’s proven repeatedly that he can do both.

He is credited for merging the Charleston County Police Department and the Charleston County Sheriff’s Office – today, Sheriff Cannon commands the State’s largest law enforcement agency with expert precision.

Sheriff Cannon began his service to our community in 1971 when he became a patrolman in Charleston County after graduating from the College of Charleston. He later switched to the North Charleston Police department where he served as Lieutenant. He resigned from this position to pursue a Law Degree from the University of South Carolina. After earning his Juris Doctorate from the University of South Carolina and becoming a member of the US Supreme Court Bar and the South Carolina Bar, Sheriff Cannon returned to Charleston to practice law as the Charleston County Deputy County Attorney until his 1984 appointment to the position of Chief of the North Charleston Police Department. He later worked for a short period as Captain of the Charleston County Police Department until being elected Sheriff of Charleston County all while serving in the US Air Force Reserves as the Commander of the 3rd Field Investigations Region. Colonel Cannon was deployed to many sites around the globe to investigate and aid in counterterrorism efforts before his retirement in 2006.

With a list of professional skills and experiences a mile long, Sheriff Cannon still humbly serves the Charleston Community by molding Charleston County Sheriff’s Office into one of the premier law enforcement agencies in the nation. His reputation for excellent administration, conservative values and diligence serves Charlestonians through every crisis.

Sheriff Cannon is married to Wallis Baldwin formerly of Sumter, South Carolina. They have two children, James III (married to Alison Cordell) and Sara (married to Major Ryan Hanson). They are the proud grandparents of four grandsons, Jac Cannon IV, Rhett Cannon, Bradshaw Hanson and Shepard Hanson, and one granddaughter, Emma Hanson.